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Horizon Fitness is a leading name in the elliptical industry. It has a history of producing top-quality fitness equipment!

Horizon Fitness is a top name in the fitness equipment industry. The company is producing high quality fitness equipment for more than 30 years. Their product range incorporates both commercials as well as home use fitness equipment.

The rise of Horizon fitness to one of the most popular brands of fitness equipment began in 1975. With the founding of the parent company Johnson Health Tech. Today, 40 years later, the Peter Lo Horizon team has become a globally successful company. The realization of a dream is made possible by hard work, an inventive spirit and enthusiasm for fitness. This is reflected in the high-quality fitness equipment from Horizon!

Horizon Fitness is known for offering sturdy and innovative equipment at sensible costs. A part of the highlights that make Horizon Fitness so well-known is their SixStar Certified Frame and ECB Magnetic Brake resistance framework. Which essentially ensure a solid and smooth workout experience.

They are great for a home gym because they are durable while also being offered at reasonable prices. Horizon Fitness offers affordable elliptical machines for the home user. They offer three different Series in their latest line of front wheel drive machines that we will break down for you today. These machines are compact and easy to use which make them perfect for your home gym.

Quick Start Series

The entry-level Horizon Fitness elliptical series is the Quick Start series. This is a budget-friendly line that is perfect for in home use. The EX-59 model within the Quick Start series is what we will be focusing on today.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 model has a 14.3-pound flywheel, which means it has a lower weight capacity of only 275 pounds. In addition, it has a stride length of 18 inches. This is shorter than many other cross trainers on the market. However, it is good for a compact workout space. The Quick Start series also uses an ECB magnetic brake system. This is perfect for giving the user a smooth and quiet workout. It offers 10 different workout levels to customize your workout to fit your goals. The EX-59 also has a self-propelled  motor which keeps your workout quiet.

There are a few downsides to the EX-59 as well. One is the front-drive design. This is not as natural of a feel as a rear-drive design, however it allows for a compact unit. The lighter flywheel is great for residential use but may make it not as smooth. It also doesn’t have any adjustable options which means what you see is what you get.

This series includes two elliptical trainers, E7 and E9. Both of the elliptical trainers are non-folding machines. Also read more about Horizon Fitness Elliptical and Bowflex Elliptical, Precor Elliptical and Nordictrack Elliptical.

horizon fitness evolve

Evolve Series

The Evolve series is next for Horizon Fitness’ lineup of elliptical machines. This is a step up from the Quick Start design because it has a folding frame. This means that it is perfect for small spaces in a home gym setting. If your gym also doubles as your home office, this may be the series for you.

We will be discussing the Evolve 5 for this review. The Evolve 5 is the step up from the Evolve 3 and offers more features. One of the better features of this is the heavy flywheel which means that heavier users can use it also. Another great feature is the longer stride, which makes it also open to more users. The Evolve 5 allows users to track their workouts online. This means that you can keep track of how you are improving on your fitness goals. In addition, it easily folds up which means when it is not in use it won’t be taking up valuable floor space. This unit stands out from the rest because it has a compact design while still offering a great workout.

There are only a couple downsides to this model. The first one is that it may not be for beginner users. This model is more geared towards someone looking for a serious workout. In addition, while this model does offer a longer stride, this may not be a great option for all users.

Overall, this Evolve 5 from Horizon Fitness is a great option for serious users looking for an affordable small space option.

Elite Series

Just like its name sounds, this is the top of the line Series from Horizon Fitness. These front-drive ellipticals offer their users more features, an even heavier flywheel, and a stride that adjusts electronically.

For this review, we examined the Horizon Fitness Elite E9 model. This is their top of the line elliptical unit. It offers a commercial design to home users with its level of comfort and durability. The elliptical machine has a 30-pound flywheel for a smooth workout and a 20-inch stride. It also has a 10-degree incline option so you can customize your workout to hit different muscles. In addition, it has a Polar heart rate monitoring system which is more accurate than the handlebar monitors.

The E9 also has many features that the previous models don’t offer. The first is the Virtual Active entertainment system. This syncs to the speed and intensity of your specific workout to keep track of how many calories you burn. It also has a full color console which makes it fun and interactive. One of the downsides for this model are that it has a fixed stride length. The other downside is that you have to get the additional features of Virtual Active and ViaFit to use it.


Horizon Fitness offers a piece of equipment for every home user. Whether you are looking for something to save you space, money, or give you a great workout. Horizon has something for you. Each of their three Series, Quick Start, Evolve, and Elite offers different features that will match with different home users’ needs

Horizon fitness equipment is unique because of the perfect combination of functionality and design. Innovative technologies and versatile training programs are combined with high-quality equipment and an ergonomic finish. Horizon serves a broad spectrum of different sports and training methods and thereby meets the versatile needs of the customer.
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