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One of the leading Elliptical companies is NordicTrack. NordicTrack started in the 1970s and produced cross-country ski machines. They have since moved on to make ellipticals, treadmills, and a lot of other gym equipment.

In today’s modern world of office jobs that require their employees to sit for 8 hours a day or more. There is an increased calorie consumption, people are now turning to their favorite gyms. They do this to get some exercise and shed those extra pounds. One of the leading cardio exercise options at the gyms today is the Elliptical or Cross Trainer.

The benefits of using an elliptical or cross trainer as your cardio workout option? The fact it is, it’s a low impact exercise for your upper and lower body. Which is great for people with joint or back problems. It provides a natural motion for your feet and legs, it is a weight bearing exercise, unlike a bike. Which leads to good bone health, has the option to exercise your upper and lower body at the same time. It also helps you burn more calories in less time.

Do you already love the elliptical, but don’t love going to the gym? Or trying to have a more convenient workout without leaving your home? It may be time to purchase an elliptical-trainer for yourself!

Different Types to Consider

Before you decide to pull the trigger and just buy any old trainer check the models. It is important to know that there are three different types of ellipticals to consider and choose from. NordicTrack offers front drive, rear drive, and center drive elliptical models to choose from.

  1. The front drive ellipticals are the biggest models in size that Nordic Track makes. They are not collapsable which is a downside if you are looking to fit it in a small space. However, they are adjustable to fit different people’s stride lengths as well as heights to work different muscles.
  2. The rear drive model is collapsable so it is great if you are trying to save some space in your home gym. It is also great for people who are just starting out because the rear wheel drive requires less work to keep balanced.
  3. The center drive elliptical models, or Mid-Mech series is compact model which is good for home gyms, and it still supports different lengths of strides based on people’s individual heights and needs.

We have reviewed three different models based on their drive style later in this article to give you an idea on price, features, and overall reviews. Also check other brands like Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers, Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers and Precor Elliptical Trainers.

Other Features to Consider

When you are trying to find the right elliptical machine to put in your home gym, there are other things that need to be considered other than just the different drive types. You will want to take into consideration things like different resistance rates, length of stride choices, moving versus non-moving handlebars, and the type of console for your elliptical trainer. These will all help you find the machine that best meets your comfort and workout needs.

NordicTrack Ellipticals – Reviews

Nordic Track Elliptical C 7.5

This is a front wheel drive model that has a 20 pound flywheel and can support any user up to 325 pounds. The stride length is fixed at 20”, but it has a zero to twenty degree adjustable incline ramp as well as 22 levels of resistance. This means you can customize your workout to target specific muscles you want, as well as how hard you want to work them. It also contains a 5-inch backlit display console with 26 built-in workouts that can give you a customized workout based on your goals whether that is interval training, cardio, or fat loss.

This is a pretty basic model for a NordicTrack elliptical. But its low price puts it at one of the most inexpensive models they offer. Are you looking for an advanced model with a lot of features? Then this will not be the one for you.

NordicTrack Elliptical C 7.5

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i

This is a rear wheel drive elliptical model is one of NordicTrack’s SpaceSaver lines. Which means you can easily fold it up when you are finished with your workout. This is perfect for anyone who is tight on space but still wants a great, low-impact cardio option. This elliptical machine has an 18 pound flywheel, an 18” stride. The machine also features a 7 inch HD touchscreen display, 30 customizable workouts depending on your goals, adjustable pedals to fit each user’s height and stride for good ergonomics, and a 10 degree adjustable incline ramp.

This model is a step up from NordicTrack’s other SpaceSaving model, the SE7i which has less features and costs less. Overall, SE9i is a great option for anyone starting out. Because it will help with better workout posture, and helps you save space with its collapsable option.

NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i

This is the center drive elliptical trainer option made by NordicTrack. It is their newer model, between the FS5i and FS9i, and features a 20 pound flywheel and many different stride options. Due to the center drive nature, you can use this NordicTrack elliptical as a stepper, or treadmill based on what your exercise goals are for that day. It also has a 7 inch color touchscreen with a built in web browser to find your custom workouts. It also has a wireless heart rate monitor that comes with a Bluetooth chest strap. This to more accurately monitor your heart rate, and the pedals move through belts which allow for a very smooth workout.

This compact and advanced unit significantly more expensive than the other models mentioned in this article. Overall, this trainer offers the user many different workout options from a stepper, elliptical, or treadmill and is relatively compact compared to other NordicTrack options. However, you have to be ready to pay the hefty price.


Whether you are just considering different types of low impact exercises, or are already a seasoned gym veteran, the elliptical might be the exercise for you. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which brand and model to go with. This is why we have presented you with features to consider and the brand we trust the most, NordicTrack.

NordicTrack has been making fitness equipment since the 1970s and is a reputable company. Whether you are looking for a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or center drive unit, doesn’t matter. NordicTrack ellipticals have many options to choose from to fit every user’s size and monetary budget. Check out NordicTrack today for all your elliptical needs.

With more than 25 years of experience, the company has perfected every product to the best of the best. NordicTrack is one of the world's largest home fitness brand. The collection consists of treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes. The product specifications are excellent!
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