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Life Fitness is the leading name in the fitness industry. Their history goes back more than 40 years. They are offering the best ellipticals.

Yes, this company is the pioneer of a stationary electric bike. The company’s name is familiar to everyone, known for quality fitness equipment. If you believe in innovation and easy-to-use fitness equipment, Life Fitness is that company!

Have you ever set foot in a gym? You know that the first thing you normally walk into is the sea of cardio equipment. You can see everything from the several rows of treadmills lined up but not going anywhere, the rows of stair stepper machines that look like torture devices, the rows of two different kinds of bikes, and then the rows of elliptical machines. If you are a regular at the gym, chances are you have a favorite method of cardiovascular endurance exercise.

While the gym is not the place for everybody, in a world that has been taken over by technology and service economy jobs where people sit behind a desk all day eating an increasingly large amount of empty calories, exercise has become a must if you are trying to stay in shape. If you are one of those people who are trying to take care of your health and stay fit, but possibly don’t like going to an actual gym, this may seem difficult. Thankfully, however, many companies that make commercial fitness equipment have also started making equipment for a home gym as well.

Life Fitness originally started by making stationary bikes in 1970. But now makes everything from ellipticals, to stair climbers, to the well known Hammer Strength strength building equipment. All of Life Fitness’ elliptical models are rear drive ellipticals that are known for their quiet design that makes them perfect for a home gym. In addition, they have four different series that will allow them to make one for every budget.

Life Fitness Ellipticals/Cross-Trainers

Life Fitness is leading the industry when it comes to innovative fitness equipment. The company produces equipment ranges from commercial to domestic use.

They have cardio fitness equipment as their top of the line product. Cardio products incorporate treadmills, stair climbers, electric exercise bikes, and the ellipticals. The company manufactures plate-loaded fitness equipment for strength under Hammer strength brand name.

Well, there is a reason why Life Fitness is leading the industry. Life Fitness introduces innovation. Yes, you can observe innovation both in the design and production of equipment. If you get easily annoyed by noise, then you need to try elliptical cross-trainers. They are great to handle with perfect design. Their current system offers noiseless experience. Presently, E series, X series, and club series of elliptical cross-trainers are widely in use for a home purchase. Other famous brands are Bowflex Elliptical, NordicTrack Elliptical, and Precor Elliptical

Life Fitness X Series Ellipticals

The X Series is the first level of Ellipticals that Life Fitness offers for your home gym. This is the most affordable Series. Like most of the other Life Fitness ellipticals the X Series ellipticals are all real drive. In addition, they have the Whisper Stride feature that makes this a great in home option. This Whisper Stride feature means that the elliptical works on a self-aligning ball bearing system which makes your workout almost silent, except for the sound of your heavy breathing once you start working up a sweat.

The stride length on the X series is set between 18 and 24 inches, and the units are rated at 300-400 pounds which makes it able to fit almost every user. The X series also has non-slip pedals which is designed for your safety and Flex Pedal integration which is designed to absorb some impact on the joints.

The models available for sale in this series are the X1, X3, and X5. The X1 is the most basic and the X5 is the most advanced.

Life Fitness E Series Ellipticals

The E Series is the step up from the X Series that Life Fitness offers. The E Series comes with many of the same features as the X series. Such as the magnetic resistance and Whisper Quiet feature which is perfect for the in home gym. These make sure that your workout stays quiet and doesn’t bother anyone sleeping or draw unnecessary attention to yourself. The E series also has a stride length of 20 inches for the E1 and E3 models, but the E 5 has an adjustable stride of 18 to 24 inches if you need to be able to customize it to fit your stride. Similarly to the X Series, E Series models can also support 350-400 pounds.

This series is compatible with the Go Console or the Track + Console model. They differ in price and features, so it just depends on how much you want to spend. And how many features you want to have. The models are E1, E3, and E5. The E1 is for the home user that is just starting out on their fitness journey and doesn’t need many features, and the E5 is more customizable and is for the most advanced user.

Club Series Ellipticals

The Club Series is a more advanced line than the previous X Series and E Series. This series started as a commercial use product in gyms and other fitness areas, but Life Series began producing it for home use as well because so many people loved it. This unit does not offer the Whisper Stride technology that the previous two Series did which means it may make a little more noise in your home gym which could be disruptive.

However, it has digital heart rate monitors, wireless heart rate compatibility, and a dual accessory tray. It has twenty resistance levels which means it is customizable to your fitness goals for the day. In addition, it has Apple compatibility which means you can listen to your music from your Apple devices. There is only one model of the Club Series line of Life Fitness ellipticals.

Platinum Club Series

The final Series made by Life Fitness is the Platinum Club Series. This Series is their top of the line model and it shows it in the features. First, it includes wheels on the front of the machine which means it can be moved easier which is a plus in a home gym. In addition, it has Apple and Android compatibility which means that you can use any device while you are exercising.

The Platinum Club Series has twenty six levels of resistance which means that you can customize your workout to be exactly what you want it to be. It has Quite Drive Technology which allows your workout to not only be almost silent, but also very smooth and safe on your joints. This top of the line model also offers three different console options with different features and sizes.


Life Fitness is a well-known elliptical company. When it comes to designing your home gym, you want to go with a name you can trust. Their four different Series offer different levels of pricing, features, and customization to make sure that there is something in everybody’s budget and to match everyone’s fitness goals.

life fitness console

life fitness console


FAQ Life Fitness Elliptical

How to use Life Fitness machines?
There is ALWAYS a detailed explantation and how to use manual available. When you buy an  elliptical machine there is one included. Read it carefully and check what’s best for your exercises.
Where to buy Life Fitness equipment?
There are many websites and stores where you can buy this brand. We only show online stores. All the online shops we show are safe and reliable. If you are interested in a specific model, always read the review!
Which model?
The company has multiple models available. Models like the X1, X3 and X5 and many more. Read our reviews for the best models. There is also a list with popular models.


The price and quality is good! Life Fitness is the premium fitness brand from the United States. Their elliptical machines are characterized by a robust modern appearance that can take a beating. No wonder that Life Fitness's fitness equipment can be found in many gyms. In addition to cardio equipment such as cross trainers & exercise bikes, the brand also offers a line of equipment for strength training; from fitness benches to complete home gyms. All developed with a premium feeling.
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