An elliptical is, just like an exercise bike, a cardio device that can be used to build up condition and burn fat. Training on an elliptical machine ensures that you train a lot of muscles in your body. All at the same time. Think of your legs, arms, abdomen, chest and back. You could speak of a "full-body workout." There is a whole range of different ellipticals or cross trainers spread over a large number of brands. There are many price ranges, each with unique characteristics.

Is an elliptical the best fitness device for you? Beautiful! Then we have a number of important aspects that you should keep in mind when buying a elliptical trainer. The following points largely determine the comfort and ease of use of the fitness device.

Types of elliptical machines

Basically, there are three known types of elliptical machines. Common machines are:
  • Rear-drive elliptical machine: This is the oldest type of machine, and it has its driving motor situated at the back.
  • Front-drive machine: This type of machine design is not as old as the rear-drive design. The drive motor on this design is located at the front of the elliptical machine.
  • Center-drive elliptical machine: This is the most recent type of machine design; it is also the most efficient type of  machine. The machine has its drive motor positioned at the center of the machine.

The advantage of training with a cross trainer is that you train completely injury-free. Because you make a smooth movement. Your knees and ankles do not absorb hits, unlike running. Because you use both your arms and legs with every movement, a cross trainer is a workout for your entire body. In addition, with your own elliptical machine you are not dependent on the weather or the opening times of gyms. You can train when it suits you. Both in gyms and at home, the elliptical (also called elliptical machines) have long been one of the most popular fitness machines.

There are many factors that go into choosing the best elliptical machine. When searching for the best device the many options available can be difficult. No two ellipticals are the same and no two customers’ needs are alike. We show you the best reviews online.


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